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The SnapCalorie API costs $499/month which includes 10,000 API calls per month. Calls to the Usage endpoint are not counted against a users limits. Overages: Each additional 4,000 API calls above 10,000 per month costs $100.

Getting Started#

In order to be issued an API key and start making requests against the SnapCalorie API you must purchase a subscription at the link below. Your API key will be emailed to the address provided during checkout. If you would like the evaluate the quality of the signal before checking out we encourage you to try out the consumer facing SnapCalorie app available with a free trial on iOS and Android.

Money Back Gurantee#

Our consumer app, SnapCalorie, utilizes the same API endpoint as our B2B offering, ensuring that our partners always have access to our most advanced models. Using the SnapCalorie app is an excellent way to gauge the responses you can expect when integrating our API into your application. If you're not completely satisfied with our API, please reach out to us at We offer a hassle-free, full refund of your last payment if you make fewer than 100 API calls during your evaluation period. No questions asked.

Get Started#

Request an API Key